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I started my quality journey in 1984 and it continues today. During the 30 years that followed there have been many firsts, many successes and some very real learning opportunities. This is a straight forward website - nothing fancy.  It is my intension to share what I have learned, give back if you will.  Quality was not the career I thought I would follow. Like many quality professionals I was simply asked to do a job.  In 1989 I was asked to design and implement the first Total Quality Management system in Pacific Bell for its North Area Business Unit. In 1995 Pacific Bell earned a State of California Baldrige - The Golden State Governors Quality Award.  I never looked back.

My Latest Challenge - Quality Failure Research

Over the past 6 six years I have been researching why quality systems fail.  The research shows the estimates in the literature to range from 30% to as high as 80% - not so. The research shows that around 40% of quality implementation and sustainment efforts fail to meet senior executive expectations.


As no definition of an organizational quality failure is found in the literature I have defined it as follows.

A failure of an organizational effort to install and maintain a quality system is defined as a failure of the initiative to fully meet its intended purpose within an expected timeframe. The intended purpose and timeframe is determined by the senior most leaders of that organization.

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